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Born in Kent, Ohio; I grew up in the middle of a non-traditional, political hotspot. I was fed a steady diet of May 4th history, political rallies, art shows, free expression, and religious tolerance from birth, due to my towns influence. This led me into exploring my Spirituality and Political Identity without fear of persecution.

Today I Live in the Metro Atlanta Area. I am the PA to the Dean of the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary; The Oldest Wiccan Seminary, with Govt degree granting authority, in the World.

I have traveled this amazing country that we live in; and make no mistake: We have plenty of reason to be proud of this country. The problem is: Our Govt seems to become less prominent on that list. I have experienced the prejudices of our growing police state. I have tasted the new freedoms emerging through personal sustainability projects. I have smelled the foul stench of a world left lying beneath millions of years of decomposed history; piped through engines and spilled onto the living earth. I have stood breathless overlooking the world from atop mountains. And through all of it I have garnered an opinion. My Truth. This is my truth on these pages.

If you want to take the next step in the great and painful journey to a personal opinion, and an understanding of the people, ideas, concepts, and realities that surround you, then I can only offer one piece of advice: On those days when it seems like you cant win, and that it is too hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other. When your voice is hoarse and your knees are weak from standing for what you believe in. When you find yourself going through Hell dont sit down and let it take you. When you find yourself going through Hell: Keep going.

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